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We envision a community that actively cares for the watershed and a healthy lake for building family legacies in the Hustisford, Wisconsin area. The mission of the Lake Sinissippi Association (LSA) is to work in conjunction with other groups of the Rock River and Lake Sinissippi watershed to improve and maintain the ecological health of Lake Sinissippi for future generations. 

LakeFest 2024 is Here!!

Join us from 2-10 pm this Saturday, July 13 for a fun day of food, music, community, and fireworks. We are expecting this year to be our most fun yet.

What We Do

Protect and Restore

Raise funds to develop projects to protect and restore the ecological health of Lake Sinissippi.

Build a Community

Encourage membership participation through education, assisting in fundraising, educating others and restoration activities.

Raise Awareness

Inform and educate members on watershed issues

Socialize and Celebrate

Provide opportunities of community for education, networking and celebration ( ups, fireworks, brat fry’s)

Moving Forward

The LSA Board will revisit and define goals. Committees will be formed to develop objectives and define their work to achieve goals. Goals will have overlap with more than one committee working together to achieve the goal. For instance- Meet and Greets may have education, membership growth, community building, and fundraising involved. 

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