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LSA Catfish  Tournaments

The annual Chasing Whiskers catfish tournaments are a community event we conducted to encourage people to enjoy our beautiful lake. Tournaments are held monthly during the summer with a celebration in early fall.

Save the Dates! 2022 dates for the catfish tournament are as follows:

5/18, 6/15, 7/20, 8/17 with the big fish fry in September

Chasing Whiskers Catfish Tournament

Each month the following prizes are awarded:

Top Catch (3 prizes awarded) - Total weight caught for team

Fishy, Fishy Fat Boy (1 prize awarded) - Heaviest single fish caught

At the end of the season the following prize is awarded:

Whisker Whisperer (1 prize awarded) - Highest cumulative total weight for all 4 tournaments

At the end of the season, we celebrate with a "Bounty of the lake fish fry" where we enjoy our collective catch together.

Chasing Whiskers Catfish Tournament Photos
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